Practical guide on how to build a sans-google phone

This guide aims to build a Gapps-free software setup on a LineageOS-compatible phone, with a wide compatibility over Android applications.

Steps to perform to increase compatibility

1. Install LineageOS without installing GApps

2. Install f-droid

3. From f-droid install DAVdroid and add a calDAV and a cardDAV server

4. Add your gplayweb private repo to f-droid

5. Patch your rom to enable signature spoofing with tingle

6. Install the latest complete version of microg

7. Install mapsv1

8. Install magisk and enable suhide for selected applications

9. Install droidguard helper and achieve safetynet certification

Suggestions on deploying multiple services

To deploy multiple web services on a single domain you can use a reverse proxy, there are several alternatives to build such a setup:

Always try to achieve full HTTPS support, it is an important security measure because it guarantees:

Detailed instructions to perform single tasks

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