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How to radio stream

how to make a DIY radio or better DIWO.

server side:

You need a machine (pc, server, VPS, etc) that relays the audio signal to the listeners. In other words, the audio signal is sent via the internet (eg mp3 music played on the PC) to a machine facing the network, which makes it available for listening to many in a stream form (ogg or mp3); this thing is called broadcast.

We use icecast2 on a server (VPS) with the free Debian operating system.

client side:

We use mixxx, free software that allows you to play and mix music, but also to record and send audio to the icecast server.

microphones and vocals:

To add the voice to the broadcast, one or more microphones must be connected to the local PC that runs mixxx.

It takes an external sound card to be connected via USB.

remote audio connection:

To add an audio connection from a distance, such as a phone call, you will need to attach a telephone patch which is in turn connected to an ATA with a VoIP connection to the external sound card, or use software such as jitsi.

If you also want to receive calls, perhaps from those who are not in front of the PC, you will need to have a telephone line, or a DID (phone number) also VoIP, and then bring the audio signal to mixxx via hardware (phone attached to the sound card) or software (jitsi).


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